«Nobody is overqualified; rather, they are underemployed.»

BUSINESSES AND MENTORS: Presentation of the Talent Rescuers Programme

This programme sought the best job finders of this country, who are the heads of Human Resources of big companies. We detected that there is a very high percentage of unemployment among university graduates. There is also a discrepancy between what companies are looking for and the training that graduates receive. Knowledge of languages, teamwork skills, adaptation to change and mobility are sought.

We searched for formulae for the graduates:

_ Know themselves better

_ Develop technical knowledge

_ Develop the skills required by companies

_ Mobility

_ Be close to the company

We address the first generation of graduates, with parents who did not go to university and do not have contacts in the sector. Given that 80% of jobs are found through contacts, this was a priority group.

We proposed the programme to our Board of Trustees. Mentoring as voluntary work for executives. A good advertising campaign was carried out. 1,400 young people signed up. The young people first take a skills assessment test, and they can then see a mentor, participate in online training, attend face-to-face training, and finally the job opportunities appear.

We want to avoid the phenomenon of slimming down CVs, in which qualifications are removed from the CV. Nobody is overqualified; rather, they are underemployed.