«It is not what you do, but the value you get out of doing it.»

YOUNG PEOPLE: WORKSHOP «How to find work in the digital age and be happy»

“In economics in general and on the employment market in particular great changes are taking place: in how personnel are recruited, a cultural change in the management of the human resources; an interest in skills at a horizontal level rather than at a vertical level; technology is exerting a greater impact on production processes and productivity is being approached in a new way.”

 “If we are looking for a job using our Curriculum Vitae we will realise that, in this new environment, CVs are a passive, demotivating tool. Companies receive thousands of CVs every day. How can we catch their eye? The language used on CVs does not give an exact idea of who we are or how we work, and limits our potential a great deal.”

 “Passive job seeking is a huge source of unemployment! We need to change the way we think about the job market and the job we are looking for. Not seeing the type of job we are looking for on the job market does not mean it does not exist.”

 “Classifying people for a job by age, education or experience no longer makes much sense because everyone can give a lot if they are able to learn from their own work.”

 “There is no qualification or skill that can now guarantee you a job.”

 “As a society, we must invert the flow of the labour market: although traditionally this market has always been controlled by those offering jobs, it is now the jobseeker who needs to lead the way and be proactive when looking for their ‘employer’.”

 “It all depends on the language we use and the ability to communicate our skills. Pursuing a dream does not work on its own. What works is knowing oneself and being able to get that across.”

 “The best placement agency is the people around us, as they can convey from us a very important value when it comes to finding work: trust”.

 “The Internet has allowed us to increase the number of our contacts. The time has now come to supervise the quality of these contacts and to establish relationships of trust”.

 “The reputation that we have on the Internet, whether we are active or passive, also matters a lot. Internet always says things about us and we should bear that in mind.”

 “When we hope to get a job, we must be able not only to offer our training, expertise and experience, but also reveal aspects that describe the way we work, propose a specific plan of action or solution, or talk about our values or some achievement and the way we managed to do it. This is what will attract the attention of the organisation where we wish to work.”

 “You are the value, not your CV.”

 “We have gone from the age of slavery, when work was the incentive, to an age of work driven by production, and later to an age of work driven by consumption. Now, we are in full transition from the age of activity, driven by an increase in social status. As a society we must try to evolve towards an age of work focused on the person and on long-term goals.”

 “This is our way of bearing witnesses to our presence on this planet. Making the age of work a reality also means encouraging a fair distribution of resources and a more open and successful society.”

“It is not what you do, but the value you get out of doing it.”

“Quality jobs create more jobs. Poor quality work destroys them. Work is a social, non-economic process. It is your responsibility. People are the solution, not the problem!”