Agile pedagogy for a constantly changing world. Download the book here!

Presentation by Carmen Pellicer and Maria Batet, authors of the book Pedagogies àgils per a l'Emprenedoria

Carmen Pellicer

What separates us from other animals is the fact that humans are the only species that needs to be educated in order to survive.

Teachers have little time to think about the future. We educate children just to survive until the next class.

We should, however, encourage students to be creative, self-reliant, enterprising, etc. We should create opportunities for making decisions and for resolving real problems in which they can play the key role.

Today’s world moves very fast and we need agility in teaching. We have created a handbook with principles that help teachers to generate intensity and commitment in just a short time and very quickly. Agile pedagogies for entrepreneurship.

For a teacher, planning is an act not of bureaucracy, but rather of imagination and of foreseeing what will happen.

Maria Batet

The handbook includes tools that we have tried to prototype. They originated in business but are applicable to education. They are tools for making classes agile and fun and for encouraging students to understand and to learn.

They are also tools that help our students to organise themselves. Kanban is a tool that Toyota used to improve its processes. We have tried to adopt this methodology in a classroom environment. In Kanban there are different tasks: some that need to be done, others that are being done and others still that are already finished. We all share the knowledge and everyone knows what he or she is expected to do. This means groups of students can be more self-reliant and have more capacity for self-control. In P for Parking there are ideas that cannot be implemented today but can be set aside. The box R for Retrospective enables us to analyse whether these tasks have been fulfilled according to plan: it is an evaluation.