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Girona, the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees form a genuine and unrepeatable crossroads that invite one to walk and discover a great many surprises to be viewed, enjoyed and admired.

The visitor, surprised by the diversity and in the meeting of opposites, enthralled before the wealth of the region (the landscape, monuments, history, cuisine, artisan crafts, leisure, etc.), finds it difficult to choose a jewel from among the many jewels.

Close to Barcelona, located midway between the sea and the mountains, Girona boasts a unique and privileged position. The Old Town is one of the most evocative historical centres in Catalonia, with certain elements that are unique in Europe: the Carolingian wall, an exceptionally well conserved Jewish quarter, and the grandeur of the Cathedral’s Gothic nave, the widest in the world, the taste of its Ramblas. In the Old Town, its most emblematic sight are the Houses on the Onyar --the river flowing through the city--, painted in bright colors against the impressing background images of Sant Feliu and the Cathedral.

Girona is today an important source of cultural production with regular, critically acclaimed seasons of theatre and music.