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FPdGi Awards, ZeroCO2

  • FPdGi Awards, ZeroCO2

Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo collaborates with the Princess of Girona Foundation on the calculation and offsetting of Greenhouse Gas emissions to make FPdGi Awards a ZeroCO2 event.

How are CO2 emissions generated?

Most of the emissions generated as a result of the Awards were due to travel to and from the event by the speakers and participants. Other sources of Greenhouse Gas emissions include paper and energy consumed for lighting and air conditioning of the spaces in which the event was held, as well as the use of electric devices.

How are the emissions calculated?

The ZeroCO2 calculation methodology has been developed from the “GHG Protocol”, itself based on the “Guidelines for the Development of National Inventories of Greenhouse Gas Emissions” of the United Nations’Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Which projects will be used to offset CO2 emissions?

Conservación de la Amazonía en Madre de Dios en Perú

CommuniTree-Reforestación comunitaria en Nicaragua